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Prof Rama Devi Varada

Dean Taught MA students English Language and Literature... View Profile

Dr Rama Devi Varada

Professor Indian English Literature, English Language Teachi... View Profile

Dr R Suryanarayana

Professor Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems... View Profile

Dr Sita Rama Murthy Mushunuri

Professor Operations Research; Mathematics; Bilogical Models... View Profile

Prof P Shidhar Rao

Professor Business; Finance... View Profile

Dr K Narendra Kumar

Associate Professor Management... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Yadav Mudi

Associate Professor Nanomaterials and Carbon Dots... View Profile

Dr K Pushpavalli BS

Associate Professor English Novel, Indian Regional Literature translat... View Profile

Dr B Tirumala Rao

Associate Professor Optics... View Profile

Dr Gangaraju G

Associate Professor Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Biomedical, Analyti... View Profile

Dr D Vijaya Lakshmi

Associate Professor Literature... View Profile

Dr R L N Pradeep Kumar

Associate Professor Decision Sciences, Operation Research and Fuzzy Se... View Profile

Dr Rajyalakshmi Ch

Associate Professor UPLC, HPLC, GC, UV-Visible Spectrophotometeric met... View Profile

Dr Naga Surendra Emmani

Associate Professor Business Administration... View Profile

Sita Kalyani B

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) ... View Profile


Assistant Professor Literature; Foreign Lanugages... View Profile

Mrs Andey Padma

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr K Ramesh BS

Assistant Professor English Language and literature (Indian Writing i... View Profile

Ms vineela Sodadasi

Assistant Professor Asst.Prof of English... View Profile

Mrs kodamasimham S Supriya BS

Assistant Professor Mathematics; CVSM; Operations Research... View Profile

Ms Jaya Madhuri Bobbili

Assistant Professor Pure Mathematics ... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Ms Sai sree Randhi

Assistant Professor Expertise in language and literature... View Profile

Mr Sikile Jathin Singh

Assistant Professor English Language and Literature... View Profile

Ms P Sushma BS

Assistant Professor language teaching... View Profile

Mr G Satwik BS

Assistant Professor Algebra; Number Theory... View Profile

Ms Srilekha Hanumanthu

Assistant Professor MSc Statistics ... View Profile

Mrs Sakkubai M

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr G V Lakshmikanth

Assistant Professor Lasers, Fiber-Optics, Thin Films... View Profile

Mrs Deepthi K G R

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Mr Maheswararao Chokkapu

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching... View Profile

Mr Rama Swamy Guttula

Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry ... View Profile

Mr Durga Rao R S

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Mrs Pushpa Latha Mamidi

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Mr Suri Babu Joga

Assistant Professor Synthesis of Organic Compounds... View Profile

Ms Sushma Pulavarthi

Assistant Professor Language ... View Profile

Mrs Ramya krishna M

Assistant Professor Retail management... View Profile

Mr Venu Gopal Kudupudi

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Mr Pasupuleti Sekhar

Assistant Professor Language and Linguistics... View Profile

Mrs Mohammad Alifa Firdhos Farheen

Assistant Professor HR and Marketing... View Profile

Mrs Sridevi Chokkapu

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Y M V Naga Raja Rao

Librarian Academic Libraries; User Studies; Library Automati... View Profile