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Dr Mangam Venu

Professor Mechanical Alloying, Nano Composites, Electrodepos... View Profile

Dr Naga Krishna Nandivelugu

Professor Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Engineering, ... View Profile

Mr Praveen Mathi

Associate Professor Expertise in manufacturing technology and optimiza... View Profile

Dr S Venkata Sai Sudheer

Associate Professor Thermal Engineering; Heat Transfer; Nanofluids; Re... View Profile

Mrs K Anupama Francy

Associate Professor Metal Forming, Manufacturing, Design and Analysis,... View Profile

Mr Bhanuprakash Chebrolu

Associate Professor Alternative Sources of Energy - Green Engineering ... View Profile

Dr Ramu Inala

Associate Professor Advanced Composites Materials, Finite Element Meth... View Profile

Mr Yandra Srinivas

Associate Professor Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Drawing, Theory... View Profile

Mr Srinivas Pothala

Assistant Professor Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Mechan... View Profile

Mr Gullipalli NarasingaRao

Assistant Professor Materials and Systems Engineering Design... View Profile

Mr Krishna Vipparthi

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Vishnu Rajpuriya

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Venkata Subrahmanyam Osuri

Assistant Professor Materials and Manufacturing ... View Profile

Mr Locherla Daloji

Assistant Professor 3D Printing and Materials Science... View Profile

Mr Locherla Daloji

Assistant Professor Master's Specialization on 3D Printing. ... View Profile

Mr Veera Venkata Manikanta Nimmala

Assistant Professor passionate about research on engine and machine co... View Profile

Mohammad Habibullah ME

Assistant Professor Quality With optimized quantity of raw materials a... View Profile

Mr Bhanuteja Krapa

Assistant Professor Design Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms, Work... View Profile

Mr Raghuraman Manoharan

Assistant Professor Robotics, Manufactuting and 3D Printing... View Profile

Mr Mahesh Gummadi

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering, Structural Analysis... View Profile

Mr Naveenkumar Chinnam

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer, CFD, ... View Profile

Mr Duvvuri Vamsee Krishna

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Vinod Mummina

Assistant Professor Mechanical-Specialization in Thermal Engineering... View Profile

Mr Vipparthi Ramji Ambedkar

Assistant Professor Production... View Profile

Mr Bandaru Bangarraju

Assistant Professor Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Robotics... View Profile

Mr Tadde Venkateswara Rao

Assistant Professor Material Technology... View Profile

Mr Chandra Sekhar Jowdula

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Karri Venkata Ganga Rama Seshu

Assistant Professor CAD/CAM, FGM... View Profile

Mr V M Chakravarthi

Assistant Professor Design ... View Profile